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3 - 6 Months of Metamorphosis

Integrative (NLP based) Transformational and Empowerment coaching

  • 25 hours
  • TBD in Interview
  • Location 1

Service Description

There are no re-do's in the game of Life, this is the real deal, Here and Now. The greatest thing I ever did for myself was invest in my personal development. Think about this for a minute: - If your car breaks down, is it worth the bill to fix it and get it running again? Would you invest? - If your home developed a leak or a crack in the foundation, would you pay to repair it? Now, does the same go for YOU? Because ultimately You are the most influential person in your life, and if you fail to invest time, energy and money into yourself don't be surprised (not if, but rather) when other areas of your life start to mirror the need for attention, and also notice the mindset that couples this lack of personal investment. The empowered mindset takes full responsibility, just as one would for the necessary home or car repairs, but for themselves and their thoughts, words, quality of action and overall direction in life. Are you fulfilled and truly happy with where you are at today? or are there areas in your life where you know you could be, do and have more? Ultimately 95% of people go through life without exercising or even discovering their excellence, while only 5% know exactly where it is they are headed and relentlessly pursue their dreams, living a successful life and letting go of the fear to fail. The 5% understand that only true failure lies in missed opportunity, in those times in life where we did not give something our all and we settled for where we were, letting our goal disintegrate and slowly digress until it is so far out of reach it becomes a distant memory. Every action, thought, belief we have either leads us closer to the life we dream of, and our definition of success, or, they bring us farther away. There is no limbo, and limbo is simply choosing to sink. What are you choosing now? and how far away is that from where you would like to be? In these 3 months of coaching we dive deep into various areas of your life to create alignment in your actions, beliefs, and thoughts to create aligned momentum toward where it is you are wanting to go. We clear any barriers to your ability to perform at your level of excellence. Once you clearly define your aim, your target, we spend our time learning and initiating quality action and a supportive mindset that sets you in momentous direction towards achieving your goal(s)! Let's take a deep dive together, and transform your Life!

Cancellation Policy

Half of service cost is required up front as deposit. Cancellation later than 5 days prior to session looses deposit. Reschedule before 5 day window to keep deposit.

Contact Details

  • 5854554598

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