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Full Super Moon in Sagittarius/ Total Lunar Eclipse

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

(May 26, 2021)

This morning the deep and watery moon of Scorpio shifts into fiery Sagittarius, moving into direct opposition with the Sun in Gemini. The Sun and moon represents our wants and our needs, our personality and our emotions, and when they move opposite each other, this can only mean one thing, a big fat Full Moon (while this one is also a total Lunar eclipse)! This elemental transition of the moon from water to fire is one representing closure and completion (water) into the birth of the new (fire). The moon in Scorpio earlier this week brought us deep into our emotions, into the shadows of the things we might not even have had conscious awareness of. Ruling the subconscious mind, Scorpio brings us into the space where we face our trauma and deeper wounding so we may begin healing to initiate transformation, like the snake who sheds its skin. As the moon moves into Sagittarius, the life-long student, we are inspired to look into the journey we took through the Scorpio waters and notice the higher lesson in all that pain, deriving meaning from our suffering so that we may expand! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, of higher wisdom and the desire to broaden our horizons. The energy of this moon activates the innate curiosity of Gemini beyond that of the self and into a transpersonal consciousness to include others and the energies beyond the physical. The polarized axis of Gemini — Sagittarius is that of higher education, of seeking Universal truth and meaning of life that is reflected through all our experience. It is the endless optimist, the traveler, the visionary and the believer in things far greater and beyond our human existence. This holds an empowering opportunity for our intellect in the sense that we may explore our beliefs, ideas and values with the higher curiosity of Sagittarius to question what ultimately is True for us. The crux of this axis is the restless, “ants in your pants” feeling that brings intense impatience for growth and change. Gemini lacks patience to begin with, and is easily distractible, while Sagittarius wants instant gratification, and is always craving more and more. It may even feel like a wildfire of emotions running wild and potential explosive anger. If you are feeling this energy, focus on meeting your needs in the present moment, and then the next one, and the next. Staying grounded in what is true in each moment can offer some grounding amidst this wild expansive full moon. As the truth seeker, Sagittarius asks:

  • Where are you staying small, holding back your highest expression?

  • What beliefs and values do you hold that may no longer be serving your expansion?

  • How might you take a ride on the wings of the Eagle, to gain a different perspective that allows you to gain clarity around your personal Truth?

  • On this ride higher as you seek for your Truth, what visions come to mind that you may anchor in like a lighthouse in your future to guide your way?

Total Lunar Eclipse This is not your average full moon. A Total Lunar Eclipse only happens twice a year- in summer and winter, and when the moon is full. Eclipses open a 6 month portal of potential for (sometimes not optional) radical change with a specific focus inspired by the moon’s placement as it crosses the ecliptic plane of Earth around the Sun. In today’s case, this Sagittarius full moon is being activated beyond it’s already abundant and bright energy. This eclipse is waking the infinite ascending power of Sagittarius for us, shining its light of awareness onto those things from the past that have held us back from being seen, heard, and witnessed in our power. It is calling us to envision a future where we stand radiating our highest potential expression in human form. What does this look like for you?

Kimmy Gerrie Astrologer, NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Shadow (Inner Child) Work, Movement Advocate (Yoga & Qi Gong), Transformational Guide

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