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Super Full Moon in Capricorn!

Do you take responsibility for your security?

Or do you depend on security from things outside of yourself?

We only have control over our security in one of those choices.

June 21st, the current of Cancer season pulls us into our inner emotions and our deep needs for safe connection and emotional security. It is the sign of the Mother, of nurturing energy and how we show up for our Self. Like the shell of the crab, Cancer represents the womb, offering protection and meeting our need for containment. A water sign that dredges up our emotions and shines light on the areas of our life where we are needing more emotional security and safe connection. Cancer rules the stomach and brings the question:

  • What are you hungry for? What are you craving?

Thursday, June 24th, the full supermoon in Capricorn moves opposite the sun to illuminate our discipline, leadership, authority and how we show up in the world. Capricorn is all about the summit and seeks excellence in everything it does, while also bringing in the need for security and stability in our life and career.

Coupled with the sun in Cancer, this moon calls us to explore how we take responsibility and ownership for ourselves, for our own emotions, and for our connection in the world.

It encourages us to let the responsibility of Capricorn inspire ownership, like the mother does for her child, like Earth does for the seed, holding ourselves in Love it becomes about creating an inner sanctuary from which to grow into the world, healthy, abundant and free. This energy awakens our leadership relative to the Mother archetype within, asking us to hold the space and listen as a leader does, to our desires and our vulnerability, so that we may emerge safely, growing and expanding into our excellence, like the seedling reaching for the sun.

Your need for safe and secure connection with the world and in our relationships begins with the connection you hold to yourself.

  • What is that connection like? Is it safe?

  • Do you have your own back? Or do you rely on things outside of yourself, beyond your control to provide you with security?

When we place our security outside, we are reinforcing a belief that we do not trust ourselves, that others know better, and that ultimately, we are incapable of embodying our excellence on our own. If this is the route you choose, it is precisely the reflection you will get in the connections and relationships you have in the world, and you will be powerless to the degree of safety and security you experience. By taking ownership for yourself and tuning into that nurturing aspect of self, you take your power back and begin to discover the lost and hungry aspects of yourself that with your presence and love will grow and guide you into your safest home, You.

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