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Do You Embrace & Welcome Change? Ready or Not, Here it Comes!

A Solar Eclipse is coming into alignment this Thursday which always brings with it cataclysmic change with the moon joining the sun in Gemini for the New Moon. The moon reflects our needs while the sun reflects our desires and as they come together, a harmonization between our wants and needs takes place.

This Solar Eclipse asks us “What do you desire”? these desires may radiate like the sun’s rays in all directions. The key here is to dive even deeper and ask, “What is that one thing that I desire with every cell of my being?” and, “What do I want to radiate out into the world”?

With single pointed focus, we channel that scattered light into a laser beam, penetrating through anything in our way, and into the embodiment of our excellence. Catapulting us into a fresh start, new ideas, new projects, new collaborations as we powerfully pursue our calling. Solar eclipses are all about an initiation of the new, and in Gemini, the theme of our intellect and the air element infuse radical changes we now face with introspection of thought and adaptability.

Gemini is associated with Mercury, the planet which influences our intellect, our thinking, communication and learning style, as well as our connections with others. Mercury has slowed its forward momentum until June 22, providing a time where the forward flow of information slows, and synchronistically aligning with this Solar Eclipse to encourage our reflection and integration of the lessons of our past so that we may move forward empowered! This halt of the flow in Mercury’s transit is commonly referred to as “Mercury Retrograde”.

Coupled with a New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Gemini, this retrograde becomes less about connecting with others and more about reflecting how we navigate our connections with others, while also considering our inner language (our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and self-talk). Our inner language is primarily influenced by the programming we absorbed throughout our childhood, and unless we dive into it, we remain unconscious puppets and victims of that programming.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” -Albert Einstein

It is critical to use the inquisitive nature of Gemini to explore the energy of language and its integrative connection with the physical body and the reality we are creating. Ultimately, our physical state is a direct reflection and portal into the quality of these inner linguistics, providing exponential opportunity for growth and change towards what we desire to the degree we are willing to explore ourselves on this deeper level. This is an incredibly powerful time to be asking ourselves:

  • “Who is it I want to Be in the world, in this life”?

  • “What energy does this require”?

  • “Is my inner language reflective of my desires”?

  • With your inner awareness, “What stands between where I am at now, and where I want to be”?

Since our unconscious programming involves the things we don’t know, we don’t know, it is important to have tools that we can use to deliberately participate, choose which programs we are running and which ones no longer serve us. Until we take full ownership over all aspects of our consciousness we are not free, and we are carrying the weight of trapped energy (programming) on an unconscious level.

To explore some tools and ways of exploring your Unconscious programs, please visit my website (link below) to set up a free consultation and discuss opportunities to take more responsibility for your integrative health, your mindset and the reality that it creates! Ultimately this Eclipse will initiate new beginnings with your exploration of these deeper and unconscious programs so that you too may find the lessons within the pain, to transmute the weight of your suffering into lightness and wisdom that will launch you into your freedom.

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