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Kimmy Gerrie  -  Transformational Guide

We have all seen mountain summits
Many of us have stood upon the peaks of these silent giants. 
Did you know there is a summit waiting to be discovered within yourself?
An odyssey for the most ambitious and adventurous at heart.
Are you ready to begin their journey?

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About: Welcome
Image by Lionel Gustave

Kimmy is a certified Neurolinguistic Programming Specialist, Hypnosis practitioner, Astrologer, Completion Process Practitioner and Early Childhood Montessori teacher. Excited to teach you to leverage the power of your mindset, and maximize your potential!

With experience in the self empowerment field for 6 years and teaching for over a decade, Kimmy weaves her skills together in custom packages personalized for each client to optimise their tools and support to ensure a successful journey of transformation. 

Venturing to the summit within is for the courageous heart. One who is daring enough to dive fully into their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness to create alignment and to dive deep into the programming of their subconscious, release trapped energy that only slows momentum and reach a higher perspective.

Kimmy believes in nourishing the curious minds and hearts who seek deeper meaning, purpose and connection with life. She is gifted at finding empowerment and wisdom even in the most challenging of life experiences to help you shift setbacks into comebacks, fueled with more momentum and strength than ever before.

As a life long extreme athlete, Kimmy highly values excellence and integrity. How we do anything in life is how we do everything in life. By showing up in your full integrity and giving your goal 100% of your discipline, not only will you reach the summit, but you will discover and learn more about your Self, truth, and potential than you ever could have imagined. 

Are you ready to activate your excellence?

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