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At some point in our lives we begin to ask deeper questions around "Why am I here?", "Why does it feel like something is missing?", "What is my purpose?"

Questions that indicate disconnect at some level of our consciousness calling to be integrated, yet so many of us are asking, either in simply facing the reality of aging, or due to a life-changing event that radically wakes our awareness on new levels. 

For the outdoor enthusiast or mountain athlete, nature provides a space to connect more deeply with ourselves and the world around us, while experiences on a mountain take it to a whole new level, reflecting and simulating back to us many elements of our reality beyond our physical, tangible experience. If we learn to tune in to the wholeness of our experience we give ourselves the opportunity to grow, expand and discover our Selves in ways we never thought possible. 

At Inner Summit Guiding I utilize various methods with the capacity to nurture and activate clients awareness on an integrative level. We aim to awake attunemet on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane, to create balanced empowerment.

Together, we explore and work with your inner linguistics (programming, beliefs, values) and build on the understanding of these inner linguistics and their direcet influence on the reality we experience and live each day!

By seeking deeper meaning and lessons in all of our life experiences, we signal to life itself that we are ready to take our relationship with it to the next level, so that everything we face ultimately has more meaning, guidance and fuels us forward on our path.

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